My painting technique resembles an interactive game, whereby I attempt to merge with the universal energies, and communicate with the spiritual forces of nature and the divine, evoking a response that can be visibly experienced.

I believe that every human being and living thing in the universe, is imbued with an energetic force, which can perceive its own existence as being in constant communion (at one) with all.

This concept has best been explained by the famous and enigmatic philosopher and painter Gustavo Rol, who describes humankind as being in possession of a spiritual intelligence, which (by means of natural laws still unknown to science), can with its vibrational emotional form interact, and enter into communion, with the energies that constitute the existence of reality. Masaru Emoto supported this view, as a result of his findings during his exploration of how water, (including all visible and invisible elements of existence), can perceive human actions, thoughts, and feelings, demonstrated by his now famous ice photography, where water subjected to an emotional state was then frozen and photographed.

Quantum physics can offer a scientific explanation for this hypothesis, based on the discovery that the observer can influence the outcome of scientific experiments dealing with subatomic particles of matter. That is, the behaviour of sub atomic particles interacting with each other and consequently the behaviour of matter itself, is subject to the emotional state of the human observer, whose influence upon such interaction can be scientifically measured.

To this end, my artistic creations endeavour to demonstrate within themselves, the communication between my conscience, the subject to which the art work is dedicated to, and the influences of the immense universal energies that permeates my surroundings, which obey the laws of quantum physics still not yet fully understood.

More specifically, to achieve the above, I employ as my artistic medium the vibrational characteristics of light at various frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum. This vibrational characteristic of light can interact freely with, and respond to, electromagnetic and vibrational quantum force fields, to cause subtle or dramatic changes in frequencies of visible and invisible colour. Such is the nature of this medium, that it enables the art work to appear to constantly change itself in time, depending on the emotional dialogue with the observer.

Currently special materials exist that enable the completed work to be visualised in both the visual spectrum of electromagnetic radiation as well as in the infrared spectrum, revealing as previously mentioned a new world of alternative colour expressions, that evoke a kaleidoscope of personal emotional reactions when visualised.

Therefore this medium is ideal in demonstrating the delicate interactions between the universal energies, and my conscious thoughts on the subject matter to which I dedicate my artistic talents.

Consequently the aim of my artistic endeavour has at its core, the desire to elucidate the existence of an entire alternative universe within our simple existence, which can be revealed through the manipulation of the vibrational frequency of light that illuminates my paintings. The specific purpose of this aim is to liberate the observer from a perception of reality that appears static and immutable, rendering humankind blind and ignorant to it’s true nature, namely, of beings with profound ability to affect change according to its desires.

It is my ultimate desire to assist humanity to awaken to the truth of its Divine magical abilities of sentiment, of perception, of freedom, and of it’s incredible power as it recognises and reveals itself to be the ultimate truth, of beings as Love Realised.