Beyond the colours, in the texture of the universe: The journey of Tony Nicotra

Tony Nicotra was born in Caracas (Venezuela) on 17/08/1971. From an early age, he was attracted to the world and its beauty, and was passionate about everything. He started painting in primary school, increasing his knowledge and painting technique.

When he finished high school, he dedicated himself to the study of monumental restoration, which led him to tour and restore the most important works in Italy and beyond, restoring dozens of monuments of high value, such as (the Arena in Verona, the Cathedral of Catania, the Royal Palace of Venaria Reale in Turin, the Italian Embassy in Berlin, etc.). But his attention was directed to everything around him, which led him to an insatiable search for spirituality, through science and different doctrines, of which he became a scholar. In this period of great research, he no longer found inspiration for his works, he considered them to be a period of the death of art and the artist.

Art, Science and Spirit:
a journey beyond matter

In the years that followed, serious economic problems led him even more to the search for the truth of why things happen, to the yearning for the inner quest and the true meaning of life. His continuous desire to feel free as an individual, led him to an experience of pilgrimage that marked him profoundly, the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela.

From there, he begins the study of quantum mechanical physics, in which he finds the answers he seeks, trying to express it in life through art, poetry and communication. He finds great inspiration in perceiving all that surrounds the universe, a great energy invisible to man, but tangible to the noble and conscious hearts of his being, this thanks to faith and studies, to perceptions that lead him to see the things of the world as a free being, a divine cell, and through all the senses that perceive the energy fields that envelop the whole. Where everything is one.

Quantum Art: a bridge between Spiritual Science and Sensory Reality

Humanity, always influenced by its historical and cultural context, evolves today with an unprecedented focus on technology, creating a parallel and challenging world. As an artist, I combine spirituality and science, inspired by mechanical and quantum physics, transforming personal experiences into art. My ‘Quantum Spiritual Art’ uses special materials to create works that change in response to emotional fields, exploring the energetic nature of matter and our limited field of vision. This artwork aims to reveal a wider reality, demonstrating the inadequacy of our senses to perceive the entire universe and the interconnectedness of our existence with creation.




  • 2015 – “Artist of the Year” conferred by Effetto Arte Editore Magazine.
  • 2015 – Award for “Artistic Value” conferred by Primo Premio Internazionale Della Cultura Exhibition conducted by Effetto Arte Magazine.
  • 2015 – Award for “Stylistic Relevance” conferred by Art Taormina Primo Premio Internazionale Mazzullo, Fondazione Mazzullo.
  • 2015 – Award for “Precious Artistic Value” conferred by The Big Isola Che C’e’ festival of Art, Music and Handicrafts, conducted by Isola Che C’e’ , Roxy Bar and Effetto Arte Magazine.


  • 2016 – Successfully selected to exhibit at the“ Triennale dell’ Arte Contemporanea” Verona.
  • 2016 – Successfully selected to Exhibit at the “Art Iubilaeum” Santa Maria del Popolo Rome, Italy.
  • 2016 – Will have exclusive Exhibition in early February at the Etihad Contemporary Art Gallery Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates.
  • 2015 – Exhibition “Primo Premio Internazionale UNESCO” Noto, Sicily.
  • 2015 – Exhibition Politeama Theatre Expo Scarbi selected works, Palermo Sicily.
  • 2015 – Exhibition Villa Castelnuovo “Isola che C’e’ ”, “Premio della Cultura” and “Roxy Bar” Palermo, Sicily. Won selection for the Vittorio Scarbi selected exhibition and critique at the Politeama Theatre Expo Palermo published in “Panorama” Italy.
  • 2015 – Vernissage and Private Exhibition – Villa Mon Repose Taormina Sicily.
  • 2015 – Personal Exhibition “Evolution Revolution Revelation” Selected works at the Gallery “The Space” Sydney Australia
  • 2015 – Exhibition – “Art Shape Language” The Strand Gallery London
  • 2015 – Exhibition – Taormina Fondazione Mazzullo – Palazzo Santo Stefano. Won 1st Prize – International Art Taormina
  • 2015 – Exhibition – International Italian Art at the “Palazzo Miit” Torino
  • 2015 – Exhibition – International Biennial of Art and Culture Rome “Rome Art”.
  • 2015 – Private Exhibition – Private Villa Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates
  • 2014 – Current Site Specific Exhibition – Taormina Villa Totva Sicilia.
  • 2014 –Personal Exhibition – Catania Art Gallery (Curator – Salvatore Daniele Torrisi)
  • 2013 – Exhibition – MedPhoto festival Convened at the “Sala Convegni” Fondazioni Puglisi Cosentino Catania.
  • 2013 – Personal Exhibition – La Giara Taormina Sicilia. Prior to 2013 – Local Exhibitions at various locations and schools within Catania Sicily.
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