Observing the World, transcending Matter

"Art is like a dream, it has neither space nor physicality, feelings so real but of a timeless time....a multidimensional hologram where the absence of form and of technique set one free in the elusive quantum spatiality."


Restoring monuments, rediscovering the soul: a bridge between art and spirituality

Tony Nicotra, born on 17 August 1971 in Caracas, Venezuela, is a leading figure in the world of art and monument restoration. Since childhood, his life has been an incessant journey to discover the wonders of the world, a journey characterised by an insatiable curiosity that has led him to explore every aspect of the reality that surrounds him.

Beyond the visible: where light meets infinity.
Observe, feel, transform. Art as a portal to spiritual intelligence

Exploring the Invisible:
Art and Spirituality beyond the Senses

Explore a world where art, quantum physics and spirituality intertwine, redefining the boundaries of reality. Each work is a gateway to a journey beyond matter, revealing secret dimensions beyond human perceptions. Accompany me on this artistic adventure of wonder, discovery and deep introspection.

l'urlo di eva 3
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